The Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Guardians Rising Part 10

Let's take a trip through recent Pokémon TCG history. On May 5th, 2017, the Pokémon TCG released the second set of the Sun & Moon era: Guardians Rising. This set focused primarily on the Guardian Deities of Alola, Tapu Koko and Tapu Lele, which were introduced in the Generation Seven games. This set also included the Pokémon-GX mechanic introduced in Sun & Moon Base three months prior and includes quite a large number of Full Arts and Secret Rares. Increasing the number of Full Arts and Secret Rares in sets is a trend that has continued to this day. Now, we continue our journey with the Rainbow Rare GX cards of the set.

Cards of Guardians Rising. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Cards of Guardians Rising. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Decidueye GX, Incineroar GX, Turtonator GX Rainbow Rare: For these, we won't do individual breakdowns because Rainbow Rares use the same line art seen on the Full Art versions of these cards. These are essentially rarer versions of the cards which are classified as Secret Rares, with a card number greater than that of the overall set number. What these cards can do is elevate a card that might be underwhelming due to its colors in the Full Art… while also taking the steam out of a card that was stunning in the Full Art. A Rainbow Rare with a popular Pokémon can high pretty high values, but Guardians Rising remains a pretty affordable set for those looking to buy singles. As of right now, the current market value of these cards is $23.83 for Decidueye (the eighth-most valuable of the set), $19.29 for Incineroar (the eleventh-most valuable of the set), and $11.54 for Turtonator (the eighteenth-most valuable of the set).

With this series, we will spotlight all of the exciting pulls from Guardians Rising, which you can see as they release by following the set's Bleeding Cool tag. Next time, the spotlight on Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon – Guardians Rising continues with more Pokémon-GX.

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