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The Crackpet Show Releases Brand New Launch Trailer

Ravenage Games has officially released its latest game, The Crackpet Show, on Steam and Nintendo Switch, with a trailer to show off the launch. The trailer basically gives you one final look at the game and how it will play out when you join this brand new roguelite shoot-em-up about mutated animals that fight each other on a bizarre TV show. Enjoy the trailer down below!

The Crackpet Show Will Arrive In Early Access In December
Credit: Ravenage Games

"The Crackpet Show's new main theme was deviously composed by Jerome Rossen, the mind behind every single note found in every single episode of cult classic splatter comedy Happy Tree Friends. The melody blends nicely with the game's new in-game jazz funk tracks. After all, good tunes are essential for any worthwhile televised murder event. Speaking of murder, The Crackpet Show's new Endless Mode challenges contestants to butcher waves of enemies and bosses as their favorite animals and classes in an attempt to climb the leaderboards and become a household name. Discover the loadouts, perks and special items that suit your playstyle to eviscerate never-ending hordes on your own, or enlist the help of up to three other players via couch co-op or remote play functionality to completely paint the arena red."

"But wait, there's more! The Crackpet Show's full launch also includes a full campaign with new skins for characters, refreshed minibosses, new decorations and room layouts, new guns, new perks, and a final episode with a surprising final boss. To claim your fame, you better be willing to fight for it! Switch owners can enjoy The Crackpet Show's homicidal hysteria at home or on the go. Pass along a Joy-Con to a buddy and revel in the couch co-op carnage. Share The Crackpet Show's insanity with friends via only one console and keep the massacre going in Endless mode – just don't let it get to your head."

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