The "Grand Theft Auto 6" Reveal Date May Have Just Leaked

The "Grand Theft Auto 6" Reveal Date May Have Just Leaked
Credit: Rockstar Games

It appears the reveal date for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 may have inadvertently appeared online.

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Could the next entry in the long-running series really be right around the corner? We'd appreciate just about any update give that's been so long since Grand Theft Auto 5 first debuted.

It looks like, according to YouTuber MrBossFTW, we could be seeing a potential reveal date very soon. In the video MrBossFTW showed off a screenshot of a 4chan poster who claimed the game reveal would indeed happen on March 25. Obviously, that's a claim to be taken with a grain of salt, but any news at this point would be welcome even if it's from a dubious source.

MrBossFTW is the first to remind us that the reveal date was leaked by 4chan and other sites, but there's always the realm of possibility that something could actually come of this, this time.

You can view the video above and see what you think, or we can all wait around and see if March 25 actually holds any significance.

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