The Pokémon VMAX Cards of Pokémon TCG: Darkness Ablaze Part 1

Before the Sword & Shield: Vivid Voltage expansion sent Pokémon TCG collectors on a mad hunt for the Rainbow Rare Chonkachu, the previous expansion, Darkness Ablaze, lit the Pokémon card community on fire with its offerings. Before Vivid Voltage, this was seen as the best Sword & Shield expansion, and for good reason. Let's take a look at the stunning Pokémon VMAX cards featured in this Pokémon TCG expansion, which feature the Gigantamax forms of these species which debuted in the Pokémon Sword & Shield games. The Pokémon V and VMAX mechanic replaces in many ways the GX for both players and collectors, with these being the new coveted Ultra Rares one hopes to pull from a booster pack.

The Pokémon VMAX Cards of Darkness Ablaze. Credit: Pokémon TCG
The Pokémon VMAX Cards of Darkness Ablaze. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Butterfree VMAX: With its huge wings and sweet eyes, the Gigantamax form of Butterfree is one of the best of these new designs. It looks absolutely terrific on this card, too, which perfectly captures the majesty of the design.
  • Charizard VMAX: This is the chase card of Darkness Ablaze. Charizard cards are always destined to be highly coveted, and this one, which displays the flaming power of Charizard in its new Gigantamax form, is no different. With a worth of $88 USD as of this writing, this is the most valuable card in Darkness Ablaze. In fact, it is worth three times the value of the Rillaboom Golden Secret Rare card, which is actually a rarer pull. That's the allure of Charizard for you. This card will have an alternate artwork appearance in the upcoming Shining Fates expansion, where it will showcase the Shiny form of this same design. Collectors can expect that card to be worth hundreds of dollars.
  • Centiskorch VMAX: While Charizard clearly rules the Fire-type kingdom of Darkness Ablaze, this Centiskorch VMAX is the best card this species has yet to get. Quite a nice one to pull.
  • Grimmsnarl VMAX: Grimmsnarl brings big Power Rangers villain energy here, but it works better on this VMAX than it did the standard Pokémon V card. While it's not that exciting of a pull, it's certainly not a bad card.

Next: A continued examination of the Pokémon VMAX cards of Darkness Ablaze.

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