The Trevor Project Promotes Awareness In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Trevor Project has announced a new awareness campaign for the month of September involving Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The organization has released its first digital clothing collection to commemorate National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month this September. Those in charge of this project recognize the game is used as an escape that can "help players foster positive mental health and hone their focus on in-game tasks, all set to a soothing soundtrack – instead of focusing on barrages of anxiety-inducing news". As such, they have released a set of clothes you can download for your character using the special code below to show your support. You can read more about the effort below as the clothing is available right now for anyone to enter the code and download for their own use.

You can now get access to special outfits from the organization in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, courtesy of The Trevor Project.
You can now get access to special outfits from the organization in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, courtesy of The Trevor Project.

During a time of nationwide school closures, mass physical distancing, and increased isolation, the video game has driven positive social connections worldwide. In-game tasks such as fishing, island landscaping, bug catching, and home decoration can help young LGBTQ players form positive social connections in the game and across social media. With significant decreases in in-person support systems, playing the game can create feelings of belonging, community, and safety that empower LGBTQ youth. Positive social interactions serve as protective factors, which are proven to significantly reduce the risk for negative mental health outcomes, including depression and thoughts of suicide.

Players can access the bright and colorful clothing collection by using the creator code: MA-7248-1702-1536, searching the Custom Design Portal inside Abel Sisters for the item title (e.g. "TRVR Overalls"), or inputting the item download codes below. Learn more about preventing LGBTQ youth suicide at

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