The Unreleased Unova Shinies In Pokémon GO – Part Thirteen

Even though the Unova Region has only been released in Pokémon GO for just over a year, many of its species have already debuted their Shiny forms. Even though many Shinies remain unreleased, they are in the game's code and available for us to see. Let's take a look at some Unova Shinies that have yet to be released in Pokémon GO.

Unova Shinies in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Unova Shinies in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
  • Landorus: Shiny Landorus looks sort of like you left a Dorito out in the sun. Do Doritos lose their color in the sun a little? I don't know, but now I want Doritos. Anyway, Landorus in its Shiny form is a lighter, creamier orange which isn't a huge difference, but it is quite a nice color palette.
  • Thundurus: Easily the winner of the three, the normally blue Landorus takes on a unique purple here. It looks like a mixture of a vibrant purple and the sort of powder blue lavender that you see on Shiny Nidoran. While I can't say that I know anyone excited for the prospect of Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus eventually returning to raids in Pokémon GO, this is at least a Shiny release that I can look forward to.
  • Tornadus: The most underwhelming of the three Shinies, Tornadus has one of those "wait is that…?" Shiny forms. Its normally vibrant purple tail becomes a muted purple. Considering all three of these genies are almost identical skins of each other, you'd think that the Pokémon Company would want to make the Shiny forms stand out a bit with, perhaps, a wild color palette here or there. But here is Tornadus with that ever-so-slightly different tail proving that wrong.

One thing to keep in mind with these three Legendary Pokémon specifically, though, is that all three of them have Therian Formes that depict them looking… well, more like Pokémon and less like guys about to get kicked out of Planet Fitness for grunting while lifting weights. Essentially, with the two Formes, there will be six Shinies total to collect here rather than three.

Next up, we continue our spotlight on the unreleased Unova Shinies in Pokémon GO. Stay tuned!

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