The Things We All Got Up To In Prey's First Hour Demo


Bethesda Softworks, Human Head Studios, and Arkane Studios put out an hour-long demo of Prey this weekend. And predictably none of us did anything remotely normal. Sure, we all went to our first day at our new job with Transtar and woke up to the reality that our lives were all a carefully conducted simulation in which we lived the same day over and over for some kind of neurological testing, but in the meantime, we had some fun, didn't we?

From throwing random things around our apartment to, oh I don't know, making sure the mimics we crossed were frozen in hilarious ways thanks to our handy GLOO cannons. We even compared our reactions to the mimics to, well, cats flipping out over spiders.

We got even more creative with our GLOO canons to spell out different words.

We questioned Bethesda, Arkane, and Human Head's decisions on letting us do some of the things we could do.

We found ways to beat the system the old fashioned way.

We questioned our family portrait intensely.

But mostly we got our inner cat on in the best way possible, by climbing into high places to hide, and breaking things we just didn't like the look of.

Personally, I greatly enjoyed the demo and will be excited to play the game in full when it releases on Friday, May 5th. I'll make sure to consume all of that free sparkling wine in celebration, and then laugh as my inebriated Morgan gets herself hilariously killed.

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Madeline Ricchiuto is a gamer, comics enthusiast, bad horror movie connoisseur, writer and generally sarcastic human. She also really likes cats and is now Head Games Writer at Bleeding Cool.
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