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Rune 2 Lazarus Update
Ever since the publisher took control over the game from Human Head Studios, they've been busting their tails trying to make sure the game lives up to the hype they originally intended for it Right now you can only play the game on the Epic Games Store, but as we wait for other editions of[...]
Human Head Studios Announces Rune II Coming in Summer 2019
Human Head Studios were the developers who worked on the title But during 2019 the company changed names, saw former employees go to Bethesda under a new company, and essentially dropped the ball on the game Publisher Ragnarok was one of the many people caught off guard by the changes and we're not pleased So[...]
Bethesda Opens New Development Studio In Madison, Wisconsin
The studio has been put together with figureheads from Human Head Studios, with a collective braintrust that has worked on RPGs, shooters, action-adventure games, and more Some of the games to their name are Prey, Dead Man's Hand, Rune, Rune II, Lost Within, Batman: Arkham Origins, and BioShock Infinite No word yet on what the team will be working[...]
Human Head Studios Announces Rune II Coming in Summer 2019
This morning, Human Head Studios released a brand new trailer for Rune 2, this time focusing on the wrath of Loki and his tricks upon the land Along with getting some more gameplay footage out of this video, we learn about the Age of Frost and what it's done to the land We also get[...]
Human Head Studios Announces Rune II Coming in Summer 2019
Human Head Studios has officially announced that Rune 2 will be coming to PC through the Epic Games Store sometime in the Summer of 2019 Along with the info, trailer, and photos we have for you here, the developers revealed there would be a gameplay livestream taking place on May 24th on their Twitch channel[...]
Survived By Releases a New Trailer Before Launching on Steam
Human head Studios released a ton of info about Survived By coming to Early Access, along with a new trailer at The Game Awards The game is officially available today on December 6th for you to try out, as you will try to complete the work of your ancestors… which is you who died earlier[...]
More Footage Surfaces from the Cancelled Prey (2006) Sequel
Human Head Games' 2006 title Prey was an absolutely massive hit for 2K Games, who announced a sequel to it shortly after release, and we did get some information about Prey 2, but after the IP rights to the Prey franchise were bought out by Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax Media.
Rune: Ragnarok Will Now Just Be Called "Rune" According To Devs
Human Head Studios released a brand new update for Rune: Ragnarok letting fans know that they'd be changing the name of the game to simply Rune Why? Well, we have the full post for you to check out below, but what it essentially comes down to is both branding (so that people will associate the[...]
Human Head Studios Debuts Rune: Ragnarok Pre-Alpha Trailer
Now, Human Head Studios are giving fans a taste of the game with a Pre-Alpha trailer that shows off some of the game's most amazing features and cinematics, along with a narrator letting you know that not only are the gods not dead, but it appears as if man will be standing up to take[...]
Human Head's New Project Rune Ragnarok Looks Amazing
Back in August, Human Head Studios announced that they were developing a new game in their long-running Rune series, titled Rune: Ragnarok GameInformer revealed some of the game's incredible concept art yesterday, and well If a series of character portraits indicate how good a game is, Rune: Ragnarok will do well. Obviously, Ragnarok takes it inspiration from the Norse[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Bethesda Softworks, Arkane Studios, and Human Head Studios' reboot of Prey should have been met with a ton of fanfare, but the PC problems and rushed reviews killed Prey with faint praise and worthy criticism. Since launch, Prey has only seemed to do worse It racked up a stunning number of bland reviews, and one or two angry rants[...]
Bethesda Softworks, Human Head Studios, and Arkane Studios' Prey reboot seems to have gotten things a bit wrong Players are reporting crashes, save corruptions, glitches, and an overall terrible experience. Now, this isn't to say that these glitches, crashes, and save corruption issues aren't frustrating as all hell But sometimes, you just have to admit, that PC[...]