Top 5 Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Celebrations 25th Anniversary Set

The Pokémon TCG honors its landmark 25th Anniversary this year with a new special set, Celebrations. Celebrations pays homage to 25 years of this incredible hobby with 25 all-holo cards featuring iconic Pokémon from the past and present of the franchise. This set also features the Classic Collection subset, which consists of 25 reprints of iconic cards from every time period of the Pokémon TCG, including cards from Base Set all the way up to the Sun & Moon era. Now that we have cataloged all of the set's cards, let's count down through the Top 5 of both the main set and the Classic Collection. First up, the main set.

Cards of Celebrations. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Cards of Celebrations. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • 5- Flying Pikachu VMAX & Surfing Pikachu VMAX: Is this cheating? Kind of, but I'm committing to it. Pikachu gets two VMAX cards in this set which recreate the Surfing and Flying promo cards of the past in this current, modern style. These choices are, in a word, perfect. The Gigantamax Pikachu is famously a chonk which allows the Pokémon TCG to pay tribute to Pikachu's pre-weight loss days by still being current. Also, the pin in the Pikachu Premium Figure Collection which can switch between Flying and Surfing is a perfect tie-in to these cards.
  • 4- Cosmoem: I'll let this one stand for all the Lillie cards in the set. There are multiple cards featuring this popular Alolan trainer which functions as something of a set within a set. I thought this was a nice touch, harkening back to Character Cards in a subtle way. Of all the Lillie cards which show the bond between Pokémon and trainer, this is the sweetest.
  • 3- Mew: I was critical of the Pokémon TCG's choice to use a pattern-less holofoil for this set. Galaxy foil was the clear choice. However, this Mew is one card that looks perfect on the clean foil due to the bright illustration and warm background which seems to create its own light.
Cards of Celebrations. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Cards of Celebrations. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • 2- Full Art Base Set Pikachu: The only bad thing about this card is that it's such a great idea that there should've been more. I would've taken the entire Classic Collection in this style. This Full Art Pikachu sees Mitsuhiro Arita return to his original Pikachu card from Base Set to extend the illustration and turn it into a Full Art. A beautiful idea executed masterfully.
  • 1- Shiny Mew Gold Card: Finally, we have the chase card of the main set and, to me, the best card not only in the main set but the overall Celebrations line. This card is so beautiful that when it leaked without confirmation it was real, my coverage on it was basically a plea for this to not be a case of "it's too good to be true." Far and away the best Shiny Gold card ever printed, this card ends Celebrations on a true grace note.

Next time, the spotlight on Pokémon TCG: Celebrations continues with the top five cards of the Classic Collection.

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