Townscaper Confirms August Release Date During E3 2021

Developer Oskar Stålberg and publisher Raw Fury confirmed during E3 2021 that they will release Townscaper this August. The news came down during GameSpot's Play For All Showcase as they announced the release month, but had yet to settle on a proper release date. if you're not familiar with this one, the game will have you making your own tiny island town however you wish. There are no goals, no objectives, no grind, and no failure. You just get to make a city in the middle of the ocean however you wish. The game received a lot of praise after it went into Early Access on Steam, which has players pushing to have the game released in a more timely manner. You can check out the announcement trailer below as we wait for them to put an official date on the game.

Design an island town however you wish without any pressure. Courtesy of Raw Fury.
Design an island town however you wish without any pressure. Courtesy of Raw Fury.

Townscaper is the resulting passion project of Oskar Stålberg whose previous works includes the Viking inspired, Bad North. To expand onto additional platforms, Oskar is once again teaming up with publisher Raw Fury, who will bring the game to Nintendo Switch and Mobile. The port to the Switch is especially exciting given Townscaper's pick up and play design. Players can transport themselves into beautiful scenes or create towns inspired by their surroundings using the Switch's touch screen capabilities.

With quaint, colorful blocks locking into place to the sound of soothing 'pops', Townscaper definitely feels more like a childhood toy than a game – it's a callback to simplicity and pure creative expression. Access to all the building tools is given right away and Townscaper's algorithm ensures that every block snaps together in a cohesive way to allow anyone to create the town of their dreams with houses, gardens, and bridges, regardless of architectural skill.

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