Ubisoft Shows Off For Honor's Newest Characters And Maps


Ubisoft recently revealed their Season 2 plans for dueling-sim and fantasy brawlfest For Honor. Those plans told us that Season 2 would come with two new maps and two new playable character classes. All of those would be playable for every version of the game, though those with Gold editions or Season Passes would get the new content a few weeks earlier than everyone else.

The free-DLC thing is mostly going all right for For Honor, because without that, well, you could get complaints about how unfair it all is. That the best fighters were kept for paid DLCs, and all that. Granted, every class in For Honor has its weaknesses, but some are cheaper than others. Depends on your play style.

So today, Ubi released a series of four videos showing off the two new classes and the two new maps to the best of Ubisoft's ability to make a game look good. And if you want to say anything at all about Ubisoft, it would have to be that they know exactly how to do that. So naturally, these videos are pretty epic. Whether or not we'll all be able to agree with that statement once the DLCs go live is another matter entirely.

First, the Shinobi. The description for the Shinobi is pretty basic.

"See the first preview of the new Hero, The Shinobi, in For Honor's upcoming Season 2: Shadow & Might. The Shinobi, a Samurai Assassin, wields the Japanese Kusarigama."

Which, yeah. Anyone could have told you that. The Shinobi in action, though, now that is a different story.

The Centurion, on the other hand, looks a bit less impressive. Sure, I've been wanting to take the Centurion for a spin since I finished the Knights' story, but really. He looks a bit less impressive. The description for the Centurion is similarly bland:

"See the first preview of the new Hero, the Centurion, in For Honor's upcoming Season 2: Shadow & Might. The Centurion, a Knight Hybrid, wields the Gladius."

The most boringly Roman sword for the most boringly Roman Knight. Fantastic.

You can see the two new maps and every other addition coming in Season 2 in the playlist embedded below. Season 2 of For Honor starts on May 16th.

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