Unreleased SEGA Genesis Title Coming to a New Retro Console

When the new Mega Sg console is eventually released, it's going to have a long-lost hidden SEGA Genesis gem included with it known as Hardcore. Back in October 2018, we talked about a new retro console being made by Analogue, which will have multiple options for you to play old SEGA games in an HDTV/4K world, as well as have some included in the console. We now know one of those games will be a rarity called Hardcore, which plays a little like Metroid and a little like Contra, created back in the day by DICE. This was back when the company was only known for making pinball games and long before they became a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. As the story goes, the game was 99% completed, but in the 11th hour, they shelved the thing and decided to move onto the next generation of consoles which included titles for Windows 95/98 and the first PlayStation.

Some ports of the game leaked out over the years and it became a collector's kind of game where owners would swear by it as one of the best '90s console titles you've never played. This year, however, EA DICE is finally releasing Hardcore on the PS4 and Vita sometime in April, and have given permission to Analogue to put it on the Mega Sg. You can watch the game in all of its glory above, or wait to play it in April when we finally see the long-lost SEGA Genesis platform shooter we should have gotten in 1994.

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