Anthem's Alliance System will Let You Earn Money While Logged Out

This Is Anthem | Gameplay Series, Part 2: Endgame

BioWare's multiplayer shooter Anthem is a social game built around the idea of group play, but because it isn't always possible to get a group together every time you want to play, BioWare is adding in an Alliance System, which is designed to reward you (and up to five friends) whenever one of you plays the game.

From GamesRadar:

The Alliance system is a way for you and your friends to be rewarded for playing the game," says Anthem's lead producer, Ben Irving. "Anytime you complete an expedition you earn experience [and] that experience also goes into the Alliance system."

What he's saying is that every time you complete any type of core activity in Anthem – a Story Mission, Contract, Stronghold, or any one of the litany of objectives you can find in Freeplay – you should expect to earn a little Alliance XP for your efforts. You'll see this reflected at the end screen of a mission before you are booted back to Fort Tarsis, and can be later be tracked through the menus too.

The Alliance System is basically a social club for freelancers, complete with various reward tiers that reset week to week.

While it isn't quite a guild system as you'll see in most other MMO and MMO hybrid games, it does come close. That you get in-game currency for having friends play is a pretty neat system, as most game's don't reward guilds with in-game money just for time spent in-game. But then, Anthem isn't an MMORPG, so obviously it would work a bit differently. Especially when you consider that all players are considered "Freelancers" in game, and freelancing is all about trying to make some bank. That said, to get the most out of your alliance, try to pick friends who actually have time to log in and game.

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