Ark Gets Huge Update With Three New Creatures To Utilize

Ark is trundling towards its proposed final release date, with content being put into the game at a rather blistering rate. We seem to get new creatures every few weeks now, with more and more features also coming.

Well, a big update just landed on Xbox One, and there isn't just one new creature, there are three. The long sought after Wooly Rhino has made an appearance, as well as the rather large fish called a Dunkleosteus and an untamable little sea critter called Eurypterid.

Here is a trailer for the update:

Here is a full list of changes:

All-New "Extinction Event" Servers, which reset after each month, with an in-game countdown! (these are additional brand NEW servers, not existing servers)
Improved game frame rate by approximately 10% (rendering & cpu)
Fixed Bug: Focus is now NOT on the Leave Tribe button when opening the Tribe Menu. Also added a Leave Tribe confirmation dialog
If you get stuck underground, you now teleport back above ground
Mammoth colorization fixed
Timer values that were resetting to 0 on "Reset Options" now reset to their correct value
Server administrators can now specify a list of administrator users to have access to the full set of administrator (console) commands, as on PC. Singleplayer/Non-Dedicated hosts always have this option. If you have administrator access, all PC console commands can now be inputted at the Pause Menu
Server Options now have edit boxes for inputting direct arbitrary values
Spyglass now works properly in splitscreen