Current Warframe Bug Lets You Walk Through the Cosmos

credit//Digital Extremes

Warframe is one of those games that gets a bit buggy every now and again, but that doesn't prevent players from enjoying the slight insanity before the devs at Digital Extremes get things working properly again. The latest wonky Warframe bug allows players to take a leisurely stroll about the cosmos.

Eurogamer (with a source from Reddit user Kesu) are reporting that the bug is most easily encountered by beginning players who enter Archwing missions on the PC version of the game. Essentially, the bug allows players without space craft to fly through space all on their own.

Eurogamer writer Emma Kent describes the bug:

Warframe fans have discovered a bug in the PC version which allows players to fly through space without the need for a spaceship. As reported by Reddit user Kesu_, the bug works for players who have not yet built an Archwing – the flying vehicle you're supposed to use for these missions. It also appears to occur in any Archwing mission, and allows under-levelled players to access the (normally restricted) areas.

The space walking bug lets players run around freely on the interstellar map, but it becomes a bit tricky when they realize that they're moving at regular player ground-speed. Which makes space travel a lengthy experience.

But hey, it lets you live out your best Carl Sagan dreams, and that's a bug we can at least enjoy while we wait for the inevitable hotfix.


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