Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 'Augment Your Preorder' Has Been Scrapped

deusexmankinddividedcoverartignjpg-f5545e_1280wThe Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 'Augment Your Pre-Order' always seemed like an ill advised campaign. The idea simply put was: tiers with rewards would unlock as more people pre-ordered the game, meaning when undisclosed number of pre-orders had been reached, a reward was unlocked.

In a world where the audience is already questioning pre-orders, this did feel like an uncomfortable way to leverage that unsavory culture. It didn't go over so good. Square Enix have now revealed that they've thankfully cancelled the whole campaign. In a post on the game's website, a "resounding amount of negative feedback" was cited for the decision to close down the campaign.

Good. This whole thing seemed pretty misguided from the start, and a gross way to secure pre-orders. I don't quite know how the idea went all the way through a company and was allowed out to the public, but it is good to know it no longer is in affect.

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