Rise Nation Wins the CWL Seattle Championship Match with a 3:0 Victory

Rise Nation Wins the CWL Seattle Championship Match with a 3:0 Victory

Rise Nation survived the Losers bracket to go on and face EvilGeniuses in the Championship Finals of the Call of Duty World League Pro League Stage One tournament in Seattle.

EG's Patrick "Aches" Price hinted at the team's strategy for facing Rise after they won against eUnited in the last Winners bracket match. Specifically, that strategy will be to go hard against Rise's Pierce "Gunless" Hillman. Despite that, Aches was pretty confident. "For us, its all about shutting down Gunless. He's their superstar. We've played them online, we've played them close but I think we can definitely take it considering the advantage we have."

The match itself started with a whole lot of fanfare, as the crowd was excited to have the Grand Finals underway. Of course, things could not start off easy, as some heated trash talk was exchanged during the pre-match interview. You can check that out below if you missed it on the stream.

The match kicked off with a pretty solid win for EG with a St. Marie Hardpoint map. EG nailed the win with over 100 points of lead on Rise for a final score of 250:144. Search and Destroy was quite a bit more brutal than Hardpoint, with Rise giving a good fight, but the lead still remained with EG at 5-2 until Rise came in from behind for the win.

With 1:1, the match was going to to end up heading to at least the fourth map. Capture the Flag started off with a lot on the line for both teams. Neither gave much ground, so the score sat even for most of the game until Rise took the win at the last minute. So then it became either Rise taking the win with the Valkyrie Hardpoint or the match would go to map 5. EG were clearly losing their cool, which did not bode well for them.

Valkyrie Hardpoint was a rough map on both sides, with both teams remaining rather even for much of the early game. EG started to pull the lead, though Rise caught up quickly enough and then went on to lead themselves getting a solid 40 lead on EG and managing to hold onto it long enough to secure the win.

With that impressive rally after a miserable St. Marie Hardpoint, Rise Nation held onto their lead for a 3:1 final score meaning this match has now gone into a second series deciding "best of five."

The second series was absolutely Rise Nation's match to lose. With EG already rattled, and Hardpoint turning their way, all Rise had to do was keep the momentum going. EG nabbed the lead but it wasn't enough to hold off Rise, who stayed close behind. The lead traded back and forth between the two teams for the mid-game, until Rise took the lead and ran with it all the way to the end. Meaning, this third Hardpoint match was pretty much the reverse of the first with Rise winning 250:165.

Rise took the early lead on Search and Destroy, with EG falling to pieces. They rallied enough to score a single point, but it wasn't enough with Rise taking the win at 6:1.

Capture the Flag was the game that really broke EG last series, and this round was just the final nail in their coffin today as they lost 0:7. Rise Nation won the second series of the Championship Match with a 3:0 victory over Evil Geniuses, meaning they are the CWL Seattle Champs. They get to take home the trophy and the $80,000 USD grand prize.

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