EvilGeniuses Knocks out Echo Fox to Advance to the CWL Seattle Finals

EvilGeniuses Knocks out Echo Fox to Advance to the CWL Seattle Finals

After a tense, but slightly less climactic battle than expected for the CWL semi-finals, EvilGeniuses went on to win against Echo Fox. After yesterday, Echo Fox was something of a soft favorite to win the tournament – and yet, they seemed to be off this morning. Which meant EG took the win with relative ease.

Speaking with EG's Justin "SiLLY" Fargo-Palmer after the match, he seemed pretty confident that EG will do well in the next round, even if he ends up going head-to-head with his former team eUnited. Which, could happen. eUnited is going up against Ghost Gaming in the next match of the Semi-Finals. "It's something I've been looking forward to," SiLLY said. "I was expecting them to put us in their Pool but they didn't." However, he's not at all worried about going up against his former team.

When asked about EG's success this tournament, which has been pretty incredible with the team going 3-0 in quite a few rounds, he was pretty quick to assure that EG had gelled pretty well. It seems their new lineup is working well for them with Adam "Assault" Garcia as their AR. "My AR Assault had like a 3.0 KD in multiple Hardpoints. I've never had that before." As for Assault's successes so far in Seattle, SiLLY had some pretty confident insights. "He's just a generally good well-rounded player, good practice. I guess he's just better on our team specifically than he usually has been."

EG better hope they can keep up their win streak, the second match of the semi-finals is underway now between Ghost Gaming and eUnited, and its a bit tight. eUnited is in the lead at the time of press. This tournament continues to be unpredictable, making it a thrilling watch.

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