Final Fantasy XV Will Take Around 50 Hours To Complete And Run At 30 FPS

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Final Fantasy XV will be with us this year, and with that, details about the game are beginning to (slowly) trickle out. We don't know too much about it all told, but that will change as we get closer to release.

Well, here is some stuff about how the game is actually structured. Director Hajime Tabata says in a NicoNico livestream that the game's story is now running at 50 hours. Not as long as some JRPGs can get, but certainly a pretty hefty chunk to play through.

On top of that the development team is "aiming" for 30fps, but if it can't reach that, there is a plan in place to get it running smoothly.

This game has been in development for so long, it's good that it is finally on its way. Even thought I'm not a big Final Fantasy guy, even I've been impressed but what I've seen.