Halo Wars 2 Won't Just Be "Total War: Halo" But Closer To The Original Game


When it was announced that Total War developer Creative Assembly was working on Halo Wars 2, I was very happy. The developer are some of the very best, maybe even the best, at strategy game so bringing them on board for a top down Halo strategy game was inspired.

Don't expect it to have that iconic Total War feel though. In fact, it will be much closer to the original Halo Wars game. Speaking to MCV, studio head Tim Heaton outlined the inspiration, saying:

There's loads of pressure. We are absolutely using Halo Wars as a starting point. This isn't going to be a Total War: Halo kind of game – this is Halo Wars taken to the next stage.

That could make a few nervous, as the original splits fans. ~Some don't have much enthusiasm for it while others swear by it. Creative Assembly were big fans however, and they're taking that idea forward. Heaton continued:

We really rated Halo Wars. It's something we can add to and build on. As we're learning about the universe, we've been working closely with 343 Industries, and that's been a really interesting learning experience.

While I don't have many particularly fond memories of Halo Wars, I think it is good to see Creative Assembly adopt the original game more than their own Total War games. If for no other reason than it will be fun to see the maestros step out of their comfort zone a little.