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Halo: Infinite
Due to the functionality missing from a website listing, some are speculating that Halo: Infinite won't be coming to Xbox Play Anywhere and thus PC. credit//343 Industries Microsoft made a big song and dance about Xbox Play Anywhere, and it's not hard to see why The program brings all of Microsoft's first party games to Xbox as[...]
Halo: Infinite
343 writer Jeff Easterlings has laughed off the possibility of Halo Infinite having a battle royale mode. credit//343 Industries The turn on battle royale games seems to have come very quick Just a few months ago, it seemed sky was the limit for the genre, but alas, it now seems, unless your name is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or Fortnite,[...]
Halo 6 Probably Isn't Happening This Year
343 are hinting that we probably shouldn't be expecting to see the next chapter of Halo's mainline story in 2018, albeit pretty vaguely. Halo 5 is now getting on a bit and it is beginning to feel like time might be right for the franchise to start turning its head towards the future There have been[...]
Developer Lead Has Left The Halo Franchise To Go Indie
While it might be an unpopular opinion, I've really, really enjoyed 343 Industries tenure in charge of Halo The series is on a good path, and while it may not be a juggernaut like it once was, I still believe it has a ton of quality to it. The franchise has just lost a key voice[...]
Halo 5: Forge On PC Will Get A Custom Game Browser Which Is Huge News
The feature was also confirmed by 343 Head Josh Holmes with a post on TeamBeyond. I really think this is pretty huge news Halo on PC has long been asked after, and it seems we soon will be able to jump in and out of matches with relative ease on the platform I have to imagine this[...]
Yes, Halo 5's Story Matters And It's One Of The Best In The Series
Add in a controversial cliff hanger ending, and we are really in the weeds here. Honestly though, and yes this is my opinion, and yes, I'm a huge fan of what 343 have done to the series since taking over, I think this is one of the very best campaign's in the Halo canon I really[...]