Hideo Kojima Unveils Baffling New Death Stranding Teaser

Video game auteur Hideo Kojima used his twitter account earlier today to release a new teaser for his current project, Death Stranding. As is always the case with a Death Stranding video, we're left with more questions than answers.

This new video features some very obscured gameplay along with the words "create the rope." We'd offer some guesses as to what this means, but the gameplay footage is only glimpsed though an opaque inky black overlay with a cutout in the shape of a hand. We can see small snippets of what could be one of the game's characters working on something, but it could also just be random flashes. We aren't totally sure.

Considering all the mystery surrounding the game, the idea that Kojima's intentionally hidden most of his latest teaser for Death Stranding is hilariously fitting. Of course, those who remember the Death Stranding announcement might recall that Kojima used a short story by Kobo Abe to describe the themes of the game – that the first tool mankind made was a stick to keep the "bad things" at bay, while the second was a rope to keep important things secured. While Kojima's previous games all used variations of "sticks," he wanted to use the video game equivalent of ropes in Death Stranding.

So obviously the "create the rope" statement in this latest teaser is a reference to the short story and Kojima's vision for the game.

What it means though? Your guess is as good as ours.

What we do know is that the game is still in heavy development, as Kojima previously announced that it had hit an "important phase" in the process.

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