[Updated] Overwatch Competitive Play Has Been Delayed A Month


[Updated: Turns out that someone get their dates mixed here. The competitive mode is on track]

If you are like me, you have been playing a boat load of Overwatch. I'm completely enamoured with the title.

One thing that it could use is a Competitive Mode though, just to rack up the stakes and that is coming. However, it would seem it's coming just a little later than first thought. Blizzard have taken to Twitter to announce that the game will be missing the first projected June date, and will instead be hitting in July. In a Tweet to a fan, they said:

This is a little disappointing, as since I have most of my favorite Skins now, an overarching progression isn't as important for me without competitive play. Still, I'm sure I will be popping in quite frequently between now and this release, so I can't complain too much.