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The System Shock Remake Will Release At The End Of May
Prime Matter and Nightdive Studios confirmed that their remake of the classic game System Shock will be coming to PC on multiple platforms this May They've been hard at work bringing this nearly three-decade-old title back in all of its glory, modernized for PC players while still retaining the original story and vibe of the[...]
Tencent will be working on System Shock 3 going forward.
Nightdive Studios have revealed more details for their remake of System Shock, as the game will be due out sometime this Spring While a date has yet to be officially confirmed, the team did acknowledge that they are currently planning to release the game in March 2023 Along with the reveal of the release window,[...]
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Binge recently released details about who is going to be both writing and directing their upcoming series, System Shock, based on a game series of the same title Greg Russo, who has worked on video game adaptations previously like the Mortal Kombat film from last year, is now attached to Binge's own adaptation[...]
Tencent will be working on System Shock 3 going forward.
For a while, a remake of System Shock has been in the works with a lot of stop-and-go plans But now, the game has a publisher Prime Matter announced today that they will be partnering with developer Nightdive Studios to officially release the game The two companies have officially started moving forward with release plans, and[...]
New System Shock Remake Cyberspace Gameplay Debuts
Nightdive Studios is still hard at work on bringing its remake of System Shock to fruition That means there's a bit of new footage to pore over for anyone who's been looking forward to seeing more of what the team has been up to over the past few months. The latest look at the game takes[...]
System Shock 3 is still in development.
Following rumors that the System Shock 3 development team was laid off earlier in 2020, it looks like they're still alive and working hard to bring us the next installment in the series Taking to the official System Shock 3 forums, a representative from OtherSide Entertainment, marketing and business development VP Walter Somol, noted that[...]
System Shock 3 Teaser - Unity Keynote (GDC 2019)
OtherSide Entertainment had a bit of a surprise for everyone during the Unity keynote speech at GDC 2019 as we got a look at System Shock 3 The trailer was designed to show off the power and capability of what's being built on their engine, but it was a nice surprise to have this pop[...]
Twitch Prime Announces Their Free Games for October
The four games you will be seeing this month are Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, System Shock, SOMA, and Sanitarium Of the four on that list, the one we're looking forward to seeing people play the most is SOMA, as the story behind the game is probably one of the coolest and most interesting narratives for first-time[...]
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Just before the weekend, Nightdive Studios updated their Kickstarter page for the System Shock reboot to let fans know the game's progress The developers gave a brief explanation as to what they've been up to as they race toward their September milestone, which included a series of photos showing off the progress they have so[...]
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System Shock remake developer Nightdive has said that it is changing its focus from a reinterpretation of the original game to something much closer to the original title now it is back from hiatus. It's been a bumpy ride for the System Shock remake The game was originally announced and successfully funded via Kickstarter, proving there was a big[...]
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A bit of frustrating new coming from PC Gamer today as Nightdive Studios reps confirmed we won't see System Shock for another two years. The company's CEO Stephen Kick and business development director Larry Kuperman both sat down with the site to chat about the studio when it was revealed that we wouldn't see the game[...]
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Today, Nightdive Studios shared some bad news with Kickstarter backers about the status of System Shock Remastered, announcing that the project is currently on hold Nightdive Studios revealed its plan for a remaster of the beloved sci-fi game via Kickstarter in June of 2016 The campaign was more successful than the developer ever imagined, with[...]
Starbreeze Shared This Early Concept Art From System Shock 3 Yesterday
During Starbreeze Studios' annual "Starstream" livestream event yesterday, OtherSide Entertainment's creative director Warren Spector appeared to discuss System Shock 3, and he also showed off some early concept art for the game. This past August, OtherSide Entertainment confirmed that System Shock 3 was officially in development They also revealed some of the names behind the game, which[...]
System Shock Remake Won't Be With Us Until 2018
The System Shock remake excited a lot of people when it was announced earlier this year The game is well loved, and I know some found the demo that was put out of the remaster quite charming too. However, if you were gearing up to play it soon, I have some bad news for you[...]
First System Shock 3 Footage Surfaces And It Looks Promising
Many first person games are looking mindlessly forward, in a pursuit to be the most flashy, the most progressive and the most 'new.' System Shock 3 is not playing that game. Night Dive Studios had unleashed the first footage from the long awaited sequel, and it feels very retro In terms of graphics quality, it looks great,[...]
Deus Ex Creator Is Taking Charge Of System Shock 3
System Shock 3 was announced on the tail end of last year, but since it was, things have been quiet Everything said about it suggests it will be a small throwback game, but that is about it all we know. Well, here is an interesting update on the game Warren Spector, most famously known s the[...]
System Shock 3 Is Currently Being Teased
The System Shock series, especially System Shock 2, has a rabid cult following The sequel in particular was a precursor to BioShock, and was far ahead of its time. Well it seem that game is finally getting a sequel as revealed by this cryptic website Recently Night Dive Studios, who are working on a remaster of the[...]