Warframe Announces New Story Update: The Sacrifice

Warframe Announces New Story Update: The Sacrifice

Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe will be getting a major story update in June, called The Sacrifice. What exactly is coming in the update is entirely up to fans to decode, as Digital Extremes have really only released an incredibly cryptic teaser trailer for the update. It's only been up for a short while, and already fan speculation is high.

What we do know so far is pretty slim. The update will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation in June. It will feature the new Umbra warframes, and will have a story continuation. Other than that, we're left to speculate.

But first, the official note from the publisher which accompanied today's trailer is below:

As dreams fade and wars quiet, the time has come to embrace the greatest Warframe test of all.

Following the Cinematic Quests The Second Dream and The War Within comes The Sacrifice, the next story-based update in the free-to-play hit, Warframe.  Are you ready, Tenno? Don't miss out! Prepare yourself by playing The Second DreamThe War Within, Chains of Harrow, and the Apostasy Prologue.

The teaser's YouTube description is equally as unhelpful, reading, "Unmask the truth in The Sacrifice, a mind-bending new chapter in the cinematic storyline."

The Warframe forums are equally as baffled as we are.

You can watch the cryptic cinematic teaser below.

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