Was GO Fest 2020 Worth It For Pokémon GO Players?

As Pokémon GO trainers look back on GO Fest 2020, the question that keeps coming up for those who did and didn't play is "Was it worth it?" The financial cost was set low at $15.99, but the investment into the event is beyond just the dollar amount. Trainers invested time into this game, up to twenty hours over the course of two days the game was played, and that time and even the cost may not be something everyone can easily afford. There were many bonuses throughout the weekend for those who did not pay, leaving some who did wondering why they spent their money. Bleeding Cool is here to examine what was available only to ticketed holders and finally answer the question…

Was GO Fest 2020 worth it?

Was GO Fest 2020 worth it? Credit: Niantic.
Was GO Fest 2020 worth it? Credit: Niantic.

Victini at GO Fest 2020

Most notably, GO Fest attendees receive the Mythical Pokémon of the year earlier than all other players. Tasked with the Rocket Straight to Victory research, ticketed players were able to obtain Victini this weekend, while those without tickets will have to wait for the release of the free equivalent of the research. Those who already received Victini will be able to play the free version as well upon release. At the end of the questline, instead of receiving a second Victini, they will receive Victini candy. There is no other method in the game of receiving candy for one-time catches like Victini, Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi.

Shadow Legendary Pokémon

The Victini research also awarded four Shadow Legendary Pokémon with an IV floor of 10/10/10, essentially guaranteeing four Shadow Legendaries stronger than their standard equivalent. We took a deep dive into what this means here, but suffice it to say, this alone will justify the cost twice over for Pokémon GO players who play Legendary Raids.

Boosted GO Fest 2020 Spawns

Many of the spawns available to GO Fest 2020 ticket holders were also in the wild for those who didn't pay, but that paints an incomplete picture. It's the Incense that changed for ticket holders, offering exclusive spawns such as Unowns (with a Shiny chance) and regional Pokémon.

Essentially every Pokémon trainer after GO Fest 2020. Credit: Niantic.
Essentially every Pokémon trainer after GO Fest 2020. Credit: Niantic.

Research Items

From Rare Candy (briefly, but gloriously) available through Gifts and other rewards given through the Special Research on both days, the rewards give to trainers on the two days of these events more than justifies the ticket cost.

Taking a look at everything above, the answer is yes, GO Fest 2020 was worth it. It does, of course, depend on what trainers expect from the game: those who just want to spend the weekend enjoying Legendary Raids and battling Team GO Rocket could do so without buying a ticket. However, for those who take in all aspects of the game, from Shiny hunting to Raids and more, GO Fest 2020 asked for very little in the way of money, and awarded in abundance.

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