Where Is Shiny Kirlia With The Top Hat In Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO players are on the hunt for Shiny Kirlia with the top hat… but it may not actually exist. This week has been characterized by players hunting for proof of certain Shinies while Niantic has remained silent. First, it was Shiny Houndoom from Mega Raids. It seemed to be missing from the game after it was introduced this past Friday, and then, almost a day later, a sighting was confirmed. Around the same time, the Fashion Week event began, and sightings of new Shiny Pokémon began to trickle in. Shiny Kricketot was confirmed. Shiny Shinx with the top hat. Shiny Croagunk with the backward cap. Now… where in the world is Shiny Kirlia with the top hat?

Shiny Kirlia with the top hat from Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Shiny Kirlia with the top hat from Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

First, many trainers may read this and wonder the obvious: why would Kirlia be Shiny for this event? Generally, second-stage evolutions aren't available in their Shiny forms. Kirlia is a special case for two reasons, though.

  • One: There is a precedent for Shiny evolved Pokémon to be released along with a costume variant if their Shiny family is already live. It happened with Gengar, Raticate, and Wobbuffet (who was later openly and fully released as Shiny in the wild) with the Party Hats.
  • Two: Shiny Kirlia with the party hat was added to Pokémon GO's code at the exact same time as the other Shiny costumed Pokémon who were released during this event.

The time that has now passed between the start of the event and the writing of this article is more than enough to say that, without a Shiny Kirlia sighting in raids with the millions of active players who could have reported it, it is currently, almost positively, unavailable. That doesn't mean that this is on purpose. Niantic has forgotten to switch on Shiny availability before and even forgot to switch on their entire Fifth Birthday Event for New Zealand this morning. It is possible that Shiny Kirlia with the top hat will be released, so continue to keep an eye if this is a Pokémon that you want… But until then, raid with caution.

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