Xbox Boss Says it's Unlikely We Will See a First Party Battle Royale Game

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said it is unlikely that Microsoft first party games will be trying to hop on the genre bandwagon.


It feels like after this upcoming E3, we might be reaching critical mass when it comes to battle royale. The expectation is that to jump onto the Fortnite and PUBG bandwagon, we will see more major publishers getting in on the action, including Call of Duty and Battlefield. It's not hard to see why either, as the popularity of the genre really is quite massive.

Well, it seems we know one major publisher who won't be getting in on things. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that it is unlikely we will see a first party battle royale game from Microsoft. Talking to a fan on twitter who asked about such a game, Spencer said he doesn't want to make a game like that just to copy others. He said:

Of course, this does leave the door open for a game in the future if the right idea comes along, or perhaps even a mode in an existing game. Could Halo 6 feature battle royale? I must admit, that's not the experience I come to Halo for, but it could be fun. At the very least, it's good to know Microsoft isn't chasing after the genre dragon.

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