Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Reveals Multiple Products For August & September

Konami dropped a number of surprise releases coming in the next two months for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. The three big reveals were the Elemental HERO accessors pack, a new themed deck called Tactical Masters, and a new core booster set called Power of the Elements. All of which will be released between August and September in time to change up the meta a bit. You can check out more info on all thereof them below.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Reveals Multiple Products For August & September
Credit: Konami

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCGElemental HERO Accessories

Shuffle up and play your cards in style, with Elemental HERO Card Sleeves! Emblazoned with the emblem of the classic Spell Card Miracle Fusion, they'll keep your Deck safe and ready to play. Each pack comes with 50 sleeves, designed for durability and the demands of tournament competition. Need another layer of defense? Keep and carry your Main, Side, and Extra Decks in the Elemental HERO Card Case, which holds up to 70 sleeved cards. This durable Card Case sets the stage with illustrations from two of Jaden's favorite Spell Cards: Skyscraper and Skydive Scorcher. You can even keep everything organized with a matching double-sided Deck divider!

Once you're ready to roll, Elemental HERO Accessories protect your cards for play! Shield your cards from the toughest of tables and keep them gliding smoothly across your field with the Elemental HERO Game Mat. A remarkable homage to the evolution of the Elemental HERO theme, it features art from more than 20 of the all-time most popular Elemental HERO monsters, including Elemental HERO Neos and many key Fusion Monsters; an awesome celebration of the TCG's Heroic history! Finally, when the Dueling's done and it's time to get your trade on, finding your favorite cards doesn't have to be like looking for a Golden Eggwich: store them in the Elemental HERO 9-Pocket Duelist Portfolio and you'll always have your flashiest foils right at your fingertips! Display and carry up to 180 cards at once, in anti-slip pockets that load from the side, offering maximum travel security.

All of the Elemental HERO Accessories launch into action after Power of the Elements on September 2. The release includes the Elemental HERO Card Case, MSRP $4.99; the Elemental HERO Game Mat, MSRP $14.99; the Elemental HERO 9-Pocket Duelist Portfolio, MSRP $9.99; and Elemental HERO Card Sleeves, MSRP $3.99 per pack of 50.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Reveals Multiple Products For August & September
Credit: Konami

Power Of The Elements

Power of the Elements is the next 100-card core booster set, with new Elemental HERO monsters, 3 new themes to build your Deck around, and lots of exciting new cards for strategies that first appeared in Dimension Force and The Grand Creators. It's loaded with legacy cards for classic Decks, and even has powerful "free agent" cards that fit almost anywhere!

There's a lot to talk about in Power of the Elements, but the biggest showstopper could be the Deck with the smallest monsters! Clocking in at Level 2, Rank 2 and Link 2, a new theme of Thunder-types are ready to shock your opponents and electrify the tournament scene. The pint-sized "Spright" monsters in the Main Deck add more monsters or Spell and Trap Cards, negate effects, and power up each other in battle. The best part? You can Special Summon them whenever you control another Level 2 monster, and each one can also be Special Summoned if you control either a Rank 2, or Link 2, depending on the monster, allowing you to make Xyz and Link Summons at a lightning-fast pace.

Charge them up with a trio of Quick-Play Spell Cards, Special Summoning more of their kind from your Deck, granting huge boosts in combat, and banishing your opponent's cards. These Spells can even help you Special Summon Springan and Therion monsters! It all adds up to a gigantic Rank 2 Xyz that can Special Summon Level 2 monsters from your Deck, and a Link 2 that revives your Level 2, Link 2, and Rank 2 monsters from your Graveyard. This theme loves to make sparks with other strategies, as long as they use Level 2 monsters! Harness the Power of the Elements on August 5. The full set contains 100 new cards: 50 Commons, 26 Super Rares, 14 Ultra Rares, and 10 Secret Rares. MSRP: $4.19 per 9-card pack.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Reveals Multiple Products For August & September
Credit: Konami

Tactical Masters

No Extra Deck? No problem! The second new theme in Tactical Masters makes you the master of a labyrinthian castle filled with Trap Cards. From furious furniture and falling chandeliers, to the castle's attendants, its vassals, and its ultimate ruler, this Deck is all about Traps! Build your Deck using a mix of new, theme-stamped Trap Cards and old-school heavy hitters, then unleash them on your opponent to trigger the effects of your monster cards and your Field Spell! Play your cards right and you'll score free draws, extra Special Summons, destruction effects, and maybe even wreck your opponent's hand. Load cards to your Graveyard, and you can bring them to the field with your monster's effects; the mighty matriarch of the strategy even lets you reuse your best Traps again and again, while supporting Spells and monster effects keep you supplied with nasty surprises. Pick the best Traps to beat your opponent and use them turn after turn until victory is yours.

Then, turn your Duel into an epic board game between Machines and Spellcasters! The last new theme in Tactical Masters is a Pendulum Monster powerhouse that promotes cards in your Pendulum Zones, changing them into monsters. It also shoves opposing monsters backwards into your opponent's Spell & Trap Zones, taking them out of the battle! Set the scene with two Field Spells – one on your side of the Field and one on your opponent's – then use the effects of both cards to make your moves. With plenty of Pendulum monsters and a slew of Special Summons, you'll field your monsters and dominate the Duel with big bosses! This theme is all about positioning: add the classic Spell Card Senet Switch to your hand, use it to move your monsters, and you'll unlock their powerful effects. It's a new way to use Pendulum monsters on a whole new level, and it gets even better in Darkwing Blast in October.

Maneuvers begin with Tactical Masters on August 26! The set contains 60 cards: 35 Rares, 15 Super Rares, and 10 Ultra Rares, plus 15 cards as Collector's Rare variants! MSRP: $4.19 per 7-card pack.

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