Zul'jin Brings Berserker Style Of Play To Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm is getting a new playable character, the Forest Troll, Zul'jin. The new character is rather unique in that he's an aggressive ranged assassin that uses his axes to throw at targets. Grevious Throw is a decent attack, but Twin Cleave sends out two axes in opposing circular arcs, damaging and slowing down any hit by them and his heroic move Guillotine could be a devastating finishing move on multiple targets in range. What makes him even more dangerous is his Berserker trait that increases his damage and speed as his health diminishes. And to make it more fun, he has Regeneration and a heroic ability called Taz'Dingo which prevents him from going below 1 health while it's active. Team him with a healer or someone who can shield and he will be absolutely brutal in-game.

Check out the video below for more details on how the character is played.

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