ABC's New Shonda Rhimes Is… Carlton Cuse?!

Last week, Disney fired the first shots in a war against streaming giant Netflix by announcing plans to launch their own streaming services, one for ESPN, and one for Disney movies and shows. Netflix fired back by hiring Shonda Rhimes away from Disney-owned ABC, stealing away the network's most important asset, the creator of shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder. The loss of Rhimes leaves ABC scrambling to come up with someone to fill her mighty shoes, and the network has a person in mind: LOST co-showrunner Carlton Cuse.

ABC's New Shonda Rhimes Is… Carlton Cuse?!

According to Deadline, Cuse has signed a four year deal with ABC to create new projects for network, cable, and streaming.

"It is with great pleasure that I am returning to ABC Studios, my happy home for six years during LOST," said Cuse, forgetting to mention that viewers of LOST were only happy for the first three of those years, if we're being perfectly honest, before the show went totally off the rails and backtracked on its promise to fully explain all of its mysteries before the show ended, instead going with the excuse "it's character driven" to excuse massive plot holes, inconsistent writing, and a woefully unsatisfying ending. We'll never forget, Cuse! Never forget! What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, Cuse was talking. "I am very excited to be working alongside wonderful and iconic Disney brands like Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm to create and bring entertaining and compelling stories to the screen."

Unlike Rhimes, unfortunately, Cuse's other projects, like The Strain at FX, Colony at USA, and Bates Motel at A&E failed to live up to the success of LOST. But Cuse plans to continue to apply his formula to new projects and, eventually, he'll be sure to have a hit again. Probably. Cuse said:

"I love genre storytelling with a high-quality bar, a compelling twist or narrative element. If you look at the shows I've done, that's very much my sweet spot. I think LOST was an example of an elevated genre show that worked well, and I want to continue to work in that arena."

LOST ended in 2010, and some of us are still bitter about its ending. Like, really, really bitter. We know it's hard to tell, but it's true. But on the other hand, Cuse did also give us The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., so maybe this could work out alright after all.

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