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Batgirl Directors Suggest DCEU Multiverse Remains a Mystery to Them

DC hasn't quite found its successful pattern regarding consistency with live-action adaptation releases (some of the hiccups are simply out of their hands), but that hasn't stopped them from pushing forward and occasionally persevering. Though there might have been some expectations to get answers about continuity with the upcoming Batgirl film… it might take more than that to determine where things stand.

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After the confirmation that Batgirl would also take place in the same universe as Tim Burton's Batman (played by the legendary Michael Keaton), many fans assumed that it could connect to The Flash film's exploration of the multiverse. Despite the return of Keaton in two upcoming DC projects, his status in the DC world, along with how that connects to the bigger picture, is something that remains a complete mystery to many, including those helming these connective titles.

In a new interview regarding Batgirl, the film's co-director Adil El Arbi explains to The Direct, "Well, you know, we'd sort of give the same answer, because we would also ask, 'Oh, you have J.K. Simmons from the Snyderverse, and we got Michael Keaton from the Burton-verse. What's the situation there?' And they would say, 'Don't worry about it. We got a plan."

The Batgirl mastermind then elaborates that even with a lot of unknown details, there's a lot to look forward to when that time comes, adding, "They never really explained that aspect to us, but I guess you're gonna have to see the other movies to understand what happens, why the reason is that we ended up in sort of a spaghetti of Multiverses in that aspect. It's gonna be a delicious spaghetti; I'm sure of that."

Batgirl officially wrapped filming in March and currently has an unknown release date but is still on track for an exclusive release on HBO Max sometime this year.

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