Black Widow Moves to 2021 and More Disney COVID-19 Related Delays

Well, my dears, there goes most of 2020. We've been saying since April that it was probably best if we washed our hands of this year and just tried again next year, and it looks like Disney is very much taking that into account. We heard rumors that Disney was going to do another release date shift, and we aren't that surprised that it's happening.  Let's take a look at these new release schedules and see where everything is moving.

Let's start with Marvel. Black Widow is supposed to be the next big Marvel movie to come out, and we aren't surprised that Disney and Marvel decided to delay the film to 2021. Black Widow will now be released on May 7, 2021, instead of November 6, 2020. Again, this isn't surprising since Marvel movies routinely bring in nearly a billion dollars at the box office, and you just can't pull that off with PVOD at the moment. However, Black Widow moving means that we get some interesting shifts for a few other Marvel movies. Last time, all of the Marvel movies shifted down a date, and that was how they dealt with the delays. This time we get things moving around a little. Eternals has moved from February 12, 2021, to November 5, 2021, officially delaying the movie a full year. However, we are also shifting Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as well; it moves from May 7, 2021, to July 9, 2021, thus changing the release order of these movies for the first time. The rest of the Marvel schedule has not changed, and we now have three movies dated for 2021.

Disney Delays Black Widow and Death On The Nile
L-R: Official posters for Black Widow and Death on the Nile. Credit: Marvel Studios/20th Century Studios/Disney

20th Century Studios and Disney have also moved a movie or two. In an article we just wrote about yesterday, we were wondering if Death on the Nile was going to make its October 2020 release date, and it turns out it very much has not. Death on the Nile has moved from October 23, 2020, to December 18, 2020, much to the chagrin of Bleeding Cool writer Ray Flook. As for West Side Story, which was supposed to come out that day, it has been pushed back a year to December 10, 2021. The King's Man, which has become one of those forever delayed movies, has also shifted again only this time, it moves up a few weeks from February 26, 2021, to February 12, 2021. Their feature The Empty Man has also moved from December 4, 2020, to October 23, 2020, so that must have a smaller budget to recoup and can risk a smaller box office haul.

At the moment, and according to sources we have spoken to at Disney at well, Soul is currently looking for a theatrical release in November, and the rumors of a PVOD release on Disney+ are, at the time of writing, untrue. The movie was not shifted during this release date change.

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