Booker T Says His Fake Feud With Corey Graves Proves Wrestling Is Still Alive

The feud between Booker T and Corey Graves is over, and as it turns out, shockingly it was all a work. The feud started when Booker claimed on his radio show/podcast that Graves was the reason he was fired from the Raw commentary team and replaced by Jonathan Coachman. Booker said that WWE officials were afraid he would beat up Graves for all of the mean things Graves said to him in the commentary booth. Graves, for his part, played into it, taking jabs at Booker on Twitter and on Raw.

However, it turns out the two of them were just playing around, and for the silliest of reasons: Booker needed to fill some time on his show.

"Brad and I, we just had a last segment, 14 minutes, where we had nothing to talk about. Not one thing," Booker said on the Sam Roberts wrestling podcast, as transcribed by Sportskeeda. "We were trying to fill in time so our sponsors and the station won't get mad at us. We filled the time slot and Corey Graves took the brunt of it."

But if you thought that the whole thing was just a waste of time, think again! According to Booker, the feud actually validated the sport of pro wrestling!

"What this proves is wrestling is still alive, the angles are still alive, the storylines could still be valid if one played them properly," Booker explained. "People really thought I was mad at Corey Graves to the point that Forbes, USA Today, SB Nation – everybody picked it up."

Even Taz was fooled!

We're sad to see this classic wrestling feud come to an end, and we'll also miss Booker on the Raw commentary team. On the other hand, our loss is the city of Houston's gain, as Booker T is set to run for mayor there. He's gonna do great as a politican!

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