Conan, Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski Sit Down To Play Mortal Kombat X

Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer series is always worth a laugh or two when they air in an episode or go live on Youtube. Watching as he stumbles his way through understanding video games and its culture is a cute little bit.

This new episode raised the stakes though. In honor of the upcoming Superbowl, he invited notoriously media shy Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch and New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski to sit down and play a game with him. Now, you'd think they would play Madden, but no. NetherRelms sent them all an early copy of Mortal Kombat X to play.

It's great watching.


Their shocked faces are really what sells it. These fatalities are particularly gruesome, especially for the uninitiated.

It's good to see Lynch out and talking though. He probably spoke more in this video than he has the entire Superbowl press coverage. His talk about Mario Kart was a real highlight.