David Leitch Says He Would Be Happy To Do Atomic Blonde 2

David Leitch Says He Would Be Happy To Do Atomic Blonde 2

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Atomic Blonde director and John Wick co-director David Leitch was asked about the potential of making a sequel to the Charlize Theron action flick. He had this to say:

"Yeah! We're in discussions, and I think everyone involved in the creative wants to do it. It will just be… we'll see how well the film does, and fingers crossed people want to see [Charlize Theron's] Lorraine go on more adventures! I'd be happy to do it!"

He seems to be enthusiastic about the idea, but that is, of course, by no means a promise. Plus, "willing to do a sequel of that movie I did" is one of the most popular opinions in Hollywood.

Having seen the movie myself, it could easily support a sequel of some sort. It's a Cold War period piece that takes place towards the end of the war, but there are plenty of other places they could take it even if they don't want to do another story from that era. A prequel is a possibility, too, and that would arguably be a more compatible idea.

Another Atomic Blonde would be an awesome thing. It's a style-over-substance affair, but it's a lot of fun regardless. A sequel might actually allow the series to refine its story, too. Theron herself is really great in the lead role and plays her role like a stone-cold badass. John Goodman makes the most out of a relatively small role and is a lot of fun, too. The action scenes are directed fantastically.

Atomic Blonde is in theaters right now, directed by the aforementioned Leitch and starring Charlize Theron, Toby Jones, James McAvoy, John Goodmanand Sofia Boutella. It was written by Kurt Johnstad, and it is based off of the graphic novel Coldest City by Anthony Johnston and Sam Hart. It's rated R.

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