Photos: Doctor Who Cosplay Show Hits A Few Bumps In The Time Vortex

From Madeline Potts and Erin Wilhelm:

Much like years past, BBC America held a Doctor Who Cosplay Show at SDCC this year. However, this time, BBC America (BBCA) gave the reigns over to Moviepilot and Super News to host the event — which made things confusing from the start, with fans hearing about the event through indie Twitter and Tumblr pages with no official announcement ever being made by BBCA.

While "RSVP tickets" sold out online within minutes, I watched people with no RSVP/SDCC badge enter the event just fine. While waiting in line, I ran into members of San Diego's local Doctor Who cosplay community, who were peeved that they weren't even told about the event in the first place. One girl told me that the Instagram-famous cosplayers had been chosen ahead of time, and that although the event teased that fans would have the chance to be a part of the show, it wasn't true.

Once inside the event, fans wandered around sipping on the free Doctor Who cocktails being offered (screwdrivers, naturally, and a cocktail called the TARDIS). After about half an hour the show began, with cosplayers walking down a runway from the TARDIS. The 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctors, as well as Vastra and Jenny, a weeping angel, the TARDIS, Clara, Amy Pond, and the Master all had their moment on the runway.

The cosplay show was brilliant, albeit a little awkward when they had to reshoot the whole thing halfway through the party.

With the TARDIS being turned into a "gif" booth, many fans misheard and believed that the TARDIS was a "gift" booth where fans could get swag bags from the event, which led to many fans awkwardly looking inside the TARDIS hoping for some freebies.

All in all, the party was a great time for fans, even if it did experience some bumps in the road.

Check out photos from the Doctor Who cosplay show below.

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