Ethan Hawke On the Likelihood of a Sequel to The Black Phone

With every successful film comes a studio's interest in expanding a movie into a franchise. Even creatives tend to lean into those ideas, which sometimes work and are occasionally disheartening. In terms of the horror genre, success very often calls for sequels because of the genre's smaller pool of releases to choose from (at least with commercial success), which suggests that when a big-budget horror film is released, there's a waiting period to determine that chance of survival.

For the new Blumhouse film The Black Phone, the movie's lead Ethan Hawke is known for several other horror titles and overwhelmingly beloved films – making the chance of a sequel feel slightly more dependent on other components such as Hawke's own stance.

The Black Phone Poster Introduces Us To Ethan Hawke's Creepy Killer
The Black Phone Poster. Credit Universal

When promoting the new Blumhouse horror picture, the unavoidable sequel discussion came up and led to the actor's general interest (or disinterest) in turning The Black Phone into a franchise. Hawke explains, "If Scott was involved [in a sequel], yeah. I'm never interested in … Sometimes sequels feel born out of a storyteller's necessity to continue talking to you. And sometimes, they feel born out of a desire to make money off of the same poster again. So I want to be the first; there's a difference." Hawke exclusively explained to Comic Book.

The transition from hero to villain in recent titles has certainly earned the star his fair share of praise in recent years as well, another topic that Hawke addressed recently in conversation with Nerd Reactor, admitting, "The Grabber is full-blown insane. It is strange. Maybe it's me turning 50, and the world wants me to be bad guys, I don't know. Maybe it's just I got tired of being the good guys. The life of an actor is funny. As you change, you start to get cast in different roles."

Whatever the reason, we can't deny that Hawke has no problems portraying dual depictions of both good and evil!

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