Fantasy Island Is Now Available On Digital & Blu-ray, And Its Fun

Fantasy Island was released on Blu-ray and digital yesterday after opening in theaters this past February. A reimagining of the classic show, it was met with bad reviews and not so great box office. While Blumhouse only spent $7 million on the production and made $47 million worldwide, hopes were higher for sure.  Fantasy Island was set up to be a new franchise for Blumhouse, joining The Purge as what could be an annual event. The release this week includes the theatrical release, as well as an unrated cut of the film. The folks at Sony sent us over a digital copy of the unrated version to check out, so let's board the plane and see where this one stacks up.

Blumhouse's Fantasy Island Blu-ray cover. Credit Sony Pictures
Blumhouse's Fantasy Island Blu-ray cover. Credit Sony Pictures

Fantasy Island Is Not Great, But It's Interesting

I missed this one in theaters, not because I did not want to see it, but just never got around to it. After watching it, I am not sad I missed it in theaters. That is not because it's terrible, it isn't. Fantasy Island has a pretty rocky start, a very solid middle, and then a train wreck of a third act. I was super into what was happening in the middle of the film with the fantasies, especially the one with Maggie Q and the Austin Stowell fantasy. I won't spoil the story here, but I found both of their parts interesting and emotional. What didn't work at all was the last 15 minutes. It is a complete mess, changing and breaking the rules set up earlier in the film with every scene break and featuring an entirely unsatisfying twist.


So as a film, Fantasy Island is uneven. What I will say, though, is that it looks incredible. You would never guess that this only had a $7 million budget, as the setting is gorgeous and looks phenomenal in HD. I wish they had done more for special features on this release; the digital version comes with both cuts of the film, but nothing else. The disc has a couple of deleted scenes on it, and that is it. But they had such a great location and a solid team working on this one; it would have been nice to get some behind the scenes content of some kind.

Overall though, this is a fun film. You will be disappointed at the ending, but enough mystery and fun stuff is going on the first hour or so that Fantasy Island is worth a rental for sure.

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