First Trailer For Zach Braff's Kickstarter-Funded Wish I Was Here

It's like Zach Braff doesn't even want to pretend his movies are anything more than The Shins music videos, because in lieu of dialogue, the first teaser trailer for his Kickstarter-funded Garden State follow-up is all Shins over whimsical imagery. I am a huge fan of Garden State, to be clear.

Wish I was Here follows Braff as a 35 year old actor and father who's still struggling to find himself. Kate Hudson, Ashley Greene, Josh Gad, Joey king and Braff's Scrubs BFF Donald Faison are in it.

I'm really not sure what part of this seemed so un-commercial and non-fundable through traditional means that he had to ask for money from fans, but hey, they turned out in droves, the movie was made, it hit Sundance and will now come out on July 18th.


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