Jodie Whittaker Recalls That Time She Was Revealed As The Next Doctor

Incoming thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker appeared on BBC's Radio 6 recently to talk about her upcoming role. Unfortunately, though the interview was broadcast on the airwaves, nobody could understand what Whittaker was saying through her thick Yorkshire accent.

Luckily, BBC has released a video of the interview on the Doctor Who Facebook page, and they've added subtitles. Yay! When asked previous Doctor Who stars had given her any advice, Whittaker said:

"I've spoken to a few and I think the overwhelming sense of this is such an exciting journey that you're about to go on, and just, and it's to be enjoyed. You know, I think that's it and it's just, you know they know I don't know yet, and I think that's the… There's not advice you can give 'cause it's the best thing. No person plays this part the same and what a freeing thing for day one."

According to Whittaker, she was excited to watch her own debut video — though to be fair, anyone would have been excited for anything after watching a boring-ass tennis match and its never-ending aftermath. We get it. You won at tennis. Take your trophy and get off the screen so we can learn who the next Doctor is!

"When my day one is on set, they'll be like, okay!" Whittaker said, according to the subtitles. "I get excited by the thing of that I knew it were me under the hood! I knew! I were one of the four people that knew and I were like 'oh God! Look at me, I'm walking towards the TARDIS.'"

Accents are just the worst. Just last week, we were visiting our home state of New Jersey, and we said to our friend Tony, eeey, Tony, what're ya doin over there! Yo! You hear wut I'm sayin to youze over here? Eeey! You ****ing mother*******, what are you bustin' my balls? Fuggedaboudit! It's too bad that everybody isn't able speak as clearly and eloquently as people from New Jersey do.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments. And if you're from Yorkshire, please type slowly.

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