John Carpenter Hasn't Heard Anything About The Big Trouble In Little China Remake Yet


There has been a lot of word going around about the Big Trouble in Little China remake, and it is clear that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is likely set to star. The actor has even talked about fan concerns of a remake, saying that he is looking to bring on the original's director, John Carpenter, to help.

It seems that hasn't come to pass yet. Speaking to Screen Rant, Carpenter has confiemd that he hasn't heard anything from anyone about the movie yet. He said:

It might be crazy… it might be great! I don't know. Nobody's told me anything. No one tells me anything [laughs].

When asked to clarify, he said:

No. No one's talked to me about it. Haven't heard a thing!

This might just be a case of the remake being far down on The Rock's upcoming list, and simply, he won't be contacted until later. Only time will tell on this.

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