Lair Mines AirBNB Horror To Rise From The Fox/Disney Merger Grave

Jason chats with Adam Ethan Crow this week, writer/director of Lair, a new horror film released by 1091 Pictures on November 9th. The film is the feature debut for the London-based Crow, who has previously directed shorts and other work for Buena Vista, the BBC, Sky Tv, and others.

Lair poster and Castle Talk logo used with permission.
Lair poster and Castle Talk logo used with permission.

Say the producers:

When Ben Dollarhdye is accused of murder, saying he was possessed by a demonic force, Steven Caramore investigates his friend's claims, setting off a chain of events that forces a young family into a terrifying battle for survival. The film, which follows a family who unknowingly book an Airbnb that's being used to test out various 'cursed' objects and end up getting trapped in the vacation from hell, stars Corey Johnson (Morbius), Oded Fehr (Star Trek: Discovery), Alexandra Gilbreath (Becoming Elizabeth), Sean Buchanan (Mary Queen of Scotts), Aislinn De'ath, Kashif O'Connor, and newcomers Anya Newall and Alana Wallace.  The film is produced by ex-Fox VP Shelley Atkin, with an original score from Mario Grigorov (Fantastic Beasts) and SFX from Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated Tristan Versluis.

Crow discusses the film's journey to completion: Lair was originally a Fox film but was turned around when Disney and Fox merged, causing Crow to have to get creative. Finally, he made the film on a smaller budget with the entire crew working for an equal flat fee. The response to Lair so far has been positive, with 1091 pictures picking it up and distributing it this November.

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