Michael Myers Gets A Kids Book With The Legend Of Halloween Retelling

Halloween fans have wanted this for so long. Michael Myers story told in the style of a kid's book. And it is real, finally! Coming in 2021, director of the current trilogy of Halloween films David Gordon Green has teamed up with writer/artist Onur Tukel for The Legend of Halloween, a kid's style retelling of the original John Carpenter and Debra Hill script for the 1978 version of Halloween. It will have it all: cute-ish illustrations, rhyming, and it looks to be picture book size. You can find the cover and a quick overview of the book down below.

Michael Myers Gets A Kids Book With The Legend Of Halloween Retelling
Legend of Halloween Book Cover

The Halloween Book I Have Wanted Since Childhood

"Originally premiered in the fall of 1978, Halloween inspired a generation of innovative horror films and a slew of franchise sequels and reboots. The Legend of Halloween follows the iconic villain Michael Myers as he wreaks havoc on his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, on Halloween night. Laurie Strode, originally portrayed by actress Jamie Lee Curtis, falls victim to the escaped killer but manages to fight for her life and confront her new foe along the way. Through eerie rhymes and quirky illustrations emulating the unsettling nature of the classic horror journey, Green and Tukel craft a reimagined telling of the beloved source material for longtime fans and newcomers to the franchise."

I have to say, after years of nothing but a few action figures here and there, getting all of this Michael Myers merch and stuff is overwhelming and crazy. As popular as the franchise has always been, it still almost felt like it was behind Friday The 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street as far as collecting was concerned. No more, though. Bring it all on; I will buy every single thing you wanna throw my way.

Did you see the new Halloween Kills trailer today? If not, here it is:

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