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Halloween Ends Trailer Debuts, 45 Years Comes To A Head On Oct. 14th
This film will conclude David Gordon Green's trilogy, which launched in 2018 as Blumhouse, Green, and screenwriter Danny McBride brought the boogeyman to the modern day with terrifying results Below you can find the film's first trailer, as well as the official synopsis. Halloween Ends Synopsis "This is Laurie Strode's last stand. After 45 years, the most acclaimed, revered[...]
Exorcist Director William Friedkin Doc Leap Of Faith Goes To Shudder
David Gordon Green will direct the first of what they are setting up to be a trilogy of films Green is co-writing with Peter Sattler. The Exorcist The Exorcist Returns… In an interview with Collider, Green talked about the differences between Halloween and The Exorcist: "To me, it's as different as making Stronger and Pineapple Express[...]
Halloween Kills Watch Party With Green, Blum, And More TOnight
Director David Gordon Green, producer Jason Blum, star Anthony Michael Hall, and more will be participating in a Twitter Watch along for the film's extended cut tonight starting at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST Our friends at Bloody Disgusting are hosting the event, which you can follow along with on Twitter using the hashtag #HallowenKillsAtHome. Halloween[...]
Halloween Ends Feels More Like A "Coming Of Age Story"
Halloween Ends will complete the David Gordon Green trilogy of films in 2022, and the director, coming off the success of Halloween Kills last month, is still out there doing press and talking the finale In a new chat with Empire Spoiler Central Podcast, Green teases what to expect with Ends, and it is, well,[...]
Photo Credit: Dimension Films - Spyglass Media Group
Now, filmmaker David Gordon Green (Halloween, Halloween Kills) is offering an update on the project and if the film will impact it in any way while doing press for Halloween Kills. Photo Credit: Dimension Films – Spyglass Media Group   "We've got it over at HBO, and that's not in script form yet, but it's being developed," the director[...]
Halloween Kills Is Brutality In Both Purpose And Execution [Review]
If the original 1978 film and subsequent sequels up until the 2018 film were more voyeuristic and atmospheric, David Gordon Green's trilogy is about animalistic rage and brutality, both in dealing with trauma and violent acts Michael Myers is the embodiment of evil, rage given a blank face, and Haddonfield is his playground When we[...]
Exorcist Director William Friedkin Doc Leap Of Faith Goes To Shudder
Fresh off bringing Michael Myers back to life, director David Gordon Green is next setting his sights on a different horror franchise: The Exorcist He has already lined up a new trilogy of films, which he will co-write with Peter Sattler He is already locked in to direct the first film in the trilogy, which[...]
Halloween Ends Script Is Done, Waiting For John Carpenter Notes
We know that the finale of this trilogy of films that started in 2018 comes to a close next year with Halloween Ends, and director David Gordon Green recently had a chat with our friends at Bloody Disgusting, where he revealed that the script for Ends is done "Halloween Ends is complete, and actually, I'm[...]
Halloween Kills: On-Set W/ Director David Gordon Green Part 1
Today, Universal posted the first of a few on-set videos with director David Gordon Green leading up to this Friday's big release This one focuses on the fire at Laurie's house and the unfortunate group of firefighters; Michael meets outside when he escapes the blaze from the end of the 2018 film Check it out[...]
Halloween Kills Footage Debuts During BlumFest 2020, Trailer Is Here!
After the screening, director David Gordon Green and Laurie Strode herself Jamie Lee Curtis sat down for a press conference where they discussed the film Jamie elaborated on what it has been like to play Laurie over the span of 43 years Basically? "If you really boiled it down, the thing that made me successful[...]
The Exorcist Original Star Linda Blair “No Reboot Talks” With Her Yet
When it was announced that Universal, Peacock, Blumhouse, and Morgan Creek will collaborate for a reboot of The Exorcist, forming a new trilogy with David Gordon Green directing the project on July 26, it was certainly a pleasant surprise Not necessarily because of the prospect of it happening or the fact that Green helped revitalized[...]
Exorcist Director William Friedkin Doc Leap Of Faith Goes To Shudder
David Gordon Green will direct the trilogy, which will star Leslie Odom Jr., according to The New York Times Oscar-winner Ellen Burstyn will reprise her role as Chris MacNeil from the 1973 classic, mother to the possessed Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair) No word on if Blair will return for anything Green is putting the finishing touches[...]
David Gordon Green attends Red Oaks season 3 premiere during Tribeca TV festival at Cinepolis Chelsea
Blumhouse and Morgan Creek are trusting David Gordon Green to bring back another horror franchise as he's in talks to direct the next Exorcist sequel, according to The Observer He was responsible for directing and co-writing the re-sequel for Halloween (2018) Green wrapped filming its follow up with Halloween Kills, which was delayed to an[...]
Halloween Kills Footage Debuts During BlumFest 2020, Trailer Is Here!
Director David Gordon Green says about the new film that it is the Empire Strikes Back of Halloween "Twice the thrills, ten times the kills." That is a hell of a tagline; they really should use that in the commercials and such. Halloween Kills Halloween Kills, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak all returning, along with Robert Longstreet, Charles Cyphers,[...]
Halloween Kills Footage Debuts During BlumFest 2020, Trailer Is Here!
Right now, we're in the midst of what we see as the [director] David Gordon Green trilogy And the story, like with the Rob Zombie films, it had these little offshoots They had done Halloween III: Season of the Witch way back then, so it's like we're living in the moment with these films that are successful,[...]