Marvel's The Defenders Panel Live From Comic-Con

On August 18th, we get our first look at Marvel's The Defenders on Netflix, the culmination of the deal that brought Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist to the streaming service. But along with those heroes, came Misty Knight, The Punisher, Colleen Wing, Elektra, Stick, and many more. A universe of characters existing in by separate from the MCU. Now the 8-episode series bring the characters from the four series together in a street level version of the Avengers.

The Defenders

The Defenders panel is taking place at the San Diego Comic Con right now and we'll be updating this post as it goes. Refresh to see the latest news and what to look for in the series.

Kaitlyn Booth is on site sending in the report.

It has started off with Marvel's head of television Jeph Loeb on the stage. If it goes as previous Marvel TV panels have, he will show a clip, bring out the cast and spend a few minutes and then if we're lucky, they'll show us something from the Punisher as well.

Loeb is being presented with a surprise award. An Ink Pot Award on behalf of the Board of Directors of Comic-Con. Loeb is speechless. He has found his voice and is being very classy, thanking a ton of people for the award. He's not moved on to talking about the deal, saying that Netflix sat down and committed to 60 episodes.

And now Jon Bernthal has hit the stage. Bernthal does a shout out to veterans. And now it looks like they're going to show some Punisher footage. While wait for the footage, here is a picture of Bernthal with his newly adopted pit bull puppy Lil Bam Bam. Bernthal is an advocate for pit bulls, already owning two: Venice and Boss. His father, attorney Eric Bernthal, is chairman of the board of the Humane Society of the United States.

Marvel's The Defenders Panel Live From Comic-Con

The footage starts off with Frank Castle (Bernthal) playing guitar with daughter in a flashback and super imposed against him playing in the present. It then cuts to him chasing down some bikers and he shoots them off of their bikes. He says one batch and runs them over. It cuts to Juraez, Mexico and some kid being a cocky ass. It cuts to Frank with a sniper rifle. He shoots the guy and we find out Frank took the shot him from El Paso, Tx. Frank finds a guy in the airport trying to run. Tracks him to the bathroom. He goes into the stall and begs for his life. Frank goes in and strangles him in the stall with his tie.

Now the Defenders are on stage.

Marvel's The Defenders Panel Live From Comic-Con

First big announcement is that Iron Fist season 2 is beginning production. Loeb says: "A friend of Colleen's is coming by and I might get a bit Misty." Iron Fist star Finn Jones just learned that his series was renewed.

The panel includes Sigourney Weaver, Charlie Cox, Krystin Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones, Elodie Yung, Deborah Ann Woll, Jessica Henwick and Marco Ramirez. 

Marvel's The Defenders Panel Live From Comic-Con

The cast isn't really revealing anything new, just giving vague answers so as to not give away anything. But they do tell us that Elektra has amnesia after her coming back to life, similar to what happened in the comics. And now they are showing the pilot episode, so phones have gone away. But Kaitlyn will be able to review the pilot for us once they're done.

The pilot is now complete and they are showing a trailer for the series.


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