Mayweather Beats McGregor In The 10th…But Everyone Won

Mayweather Vs. McGregor turned out to way more entertaining than anyone thought it would be. Mayweather Beats McGregor in the 10th round, but there's a much bigger picture here.


For ten rounds, Conor McGregor held his own against one of the best boxers the world has ever seen in Floyd Mayweather. Some would argue when the fight was stopped in the tenth, that it  was pretty even. But Mayweather's stamina won out, as he landed his patented straight right hand a couple times and started to lay into Conor until the ref pulled him off 1:03 into round number 10. Conor never went down, he never went out.

For the first three rounds, it looked as if Conor was in fact going to pull something off that nobody expected. He was jabbing well, using angles to avoid Mayweather's power punches and counter just as well as Floyd ever has. Many judges (and myself) gave him all three of the beginning rounds. But from there, it became Money time. Floyd picked up the pace, started aggressively moving forward (which is a huge change of pace for him considering his last few fights), and fatigue started to creep in and ultimately undo the reigning UFC lightweight champion.

Mayweather Beats McGregor In The 10th

Everyone wins here. As much as I dislike Floyd as a person, there is no denying his greatness as a boxer and he did not tarnish it here. Instead of going out with a whimper and a decision, or even worse for boxing, a loss to an MMA fighter, Mayweather beats McGregor and he retires 50-0 with 27 KO's and his place in boxing history cemented. Conor raises his stock in the eyes of combat sports fans and now (hopefully) returns to the UFC to defend his title. The UFC wins because their guy lasted 10 rounds in a ring with one of the best boxing had to offer. Boxing wins because a high profile fight actually lived up to its billing for once.

These things, as many have pointed out, are all about the money. And in that regard, everyone involved with putting this fight on won before they even stepped foot inside the ring. As for fans: if you paid $100 for this fight and were pissed or disappointed, maybe boxing and combat sports are not for you. As far as spectacle, and a big fight feel, this one delivered in spades.

I shall leave you with this.

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