Need For Speed Gets A Reboot Bringing The Series Back To Basics

So remember that Need for Speed game that was getting announced, today? Well, it's a reboot of the series.

The game, which is just titled Need for Speed, has been officially revealed, showing that the franchise is planning to go back to its more outlandish days and channel a little Need for Speed: Underground.

In an interview with Eurogamer, executive producer on the game, Marcus Nilsson explained the decision to go back to the game's roots, saying:

If you think about Need for Speed in the last couple of years it's been bouncing back and forth between studios and different creative teams. And it's seldom built upon what has been before.

So, you could say Need for Speed has lost its way… what the brand stood for. As we talked to our fans and the players, it emerged they wanted also what we wanted to build: to go back to what we call the roots of Need for Speed. They are the roots of what we think the experience needs to be. It's the Need for Speed experience that resonates the most with most people.

Here is a short teaser trailer for the game too:


I honestly did feel like the franchise had lost its way in terms of the ludicrously, fun 'Pimp My Ride' vibe that drew me in initially, so it will be interesting to see how that now exists in 2015. I'm sure we will find out a whole lot more at E3 in a few weeks.