Nerd Food: Finn Balor Chocolate Melts In Your Mouth – And Everywhere Else

It should come to no surprise to anyone reading this that I have a huge, mega-crush on WWE Superstar Finn Balor. He's exceptionally talented, humble, and really goddamn easy on the eyes. So while out and about at the mall, I stopped into an FYE, because I was absolutely not looking to buy anything with Balor's face on it. Especially not a damn chocolate bar with his spicy mug smack-dab on the wrapper.

Finn Balor Chocolate

If you're thinking, "Wow, Lauren, you're totally predictable and a terrible liar," you're absolutely correct. I have no self control; life is pain.

I'm actually not a fan of dark chocolate, and the combination isn't my first choice in chocolate mixes. But I guess making it somewhat spicy goes in line with the whole Demon King thing. It's clever, I'll give Astor Chocolate that. Yet I still had reservations. Hopefully this wouldn't let me down.

Finn Balor Chocolate

My issue with a lot of pop culture-type food is that it's almost always pretty mediocre. There's not much to it outside of the slightly varied packaging. M&M's doesn't make special flavors for comic book movies, and that's all right. But there was actual thought behind this flavor pairing, and some of the other available flavor-wrestler pairings are unique as well:

  • "C" Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate for John Cena
  • Fearfully Dark Chocolate for Bray Wyatt
  • Phenomenal Milk Chocolate for AJ Styles
  • Hand Clappin' Pop Rock Chocolate for The New Day
  • The Big Dog's Milk Chocolate for Roman Reigns
  • The Architect's Milk Chocolate for Seth Rollins
  • Apex Predator Milk Chocolate for Randy Orton

For starters, the chocolate is soft. I was expecting hard, clearly mass-produced crap, and that didn't happen. The taste itself is actually really good. The chocolate melts immediately, and it's not an overpowering taste. The chipotle adds a great kick to it at the end (kind of like Balor — he's exceptional at kicking). Granted, it was a little spicy for my tastes, but this wasn't the worst thing I've ever eaten. For $4 I'd probably go back and buy more, since this is absolutely worth the price.

Finn Balor Chocolate

As the packaging says, this is an FYE exclusive. So unless you have an FYE at a mall near you, you may be out of luck. Happy hunting!

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