Out of Death Star Jamie King on Her Hero's Journey & Bruce Willis

When it came to the character of Shannon in the suspense thriller Out of Death, it resonated with star Jaime King at every level, from her passion in her art and journey for truth. It wasn't much of a leap since she's coming off an almost equally intense performance on the Netflix zombie apocalypse series Black Summer, which recently premiered its second season. I spoke to the star about Vertical Entertainment film about wanting to work with co-star Bruce Willis, the director Mike Burns, the hero's journey of Shannon, and the reception to her Netflix series.

Out of Death Star Jamie King on Her Hero's Journey & Bruce Willis
Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment

The film follows a retired cop's solace in the remote wilderness is hijacked when he encounters a lone hiker who's on the run from dirty police. Determined to help her at any cost, the cop must tap into his killer instincts to survive the wilderness and the human predators within it. "I wanted to do Out of Death because exploring the abuse of power," King said. "I want to hold police and those in power accountable. I love to work with Bruce and seeing this woman go through this extraordinary journey." As far as working with the Die Hard star, the two actually worked together twice on the same film but never appeared on screen together in the Robert Rodriguez Sin City films in 2005 and the maligned 2014 spinoff A Dame to Kill For. Willis' aging detective Hartigan never crossed paths with King's twin characters Goldie and Wendy.

Out of Death Star Jamie King on Her Hero's Journey & Bruce Willis
Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment

"I've been trying to work with Bruce Willis for a long time," King admitted. "He's a legend, and we have a beautiful connection together. It's magical. He has this alchemy together that leaves me speechless. I grew up watching him. There's no other actor of such a caliber." Willis plays Jack Harris, a retired detective that her character Shannon turns to help fend off the corrupted police and help unravel the conspiracy.

Out of Death Star Jamie King on Her Hero's Journey & Bruce Willi
Courtesy of Vertical Entertainment

King remained grateful for how collaborative Burns was during filming and being clear in what he wants allowing her character to shine. "I'm a lot like my character Shannon," she said. "She starts out grieving and broken-hearted and vulnerable. Through her art, she's strong, powerful, and focused. She commands the truth, which is also part of me. It's part of the hero's journey of transformation." As far as how season two of Black Summer came out in June, King, who plays survivor Rose, appreciates the reception. "I'm so happy it got over 300 million views," she said. "I'm deeply proud of as a star and producer as well. It's one of the things I'm most proud of, and glad people supported us." Written by Bill Lawrence, Out of Death also stars Lala Kent and Michael Sirow. The film is currently in theaters and on-demand.

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